Who am I?

I'm a Jersey Girl living in and loving Texas. I'm passionate about giraffes, the Steelers, and seeing women love and serve God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

A few years ago, I was convicted by the example of the Bereans in Acts 17 who heard what Paul preached, then went to the Scriptures to see for themselves if what he was saying was true. Through learning to study the Bible for myself, God gave me a passion to write and to teach, encouraging others in their own pursuit of God and a life-changing knowledge of His Word.

With a Master’s degree in counseling and a professional background in local church ministry, I aim to be a resource for women in vocational ministry seeking to increase their effectiveness in their roles, and in growing their leadership abilities.

I'm also available to consult with churches and other ministry organizations to help them draw out the unique gifts and abilities the women on their staffs bring to the table, and to develop organizational guidelines and values that draw out the best in all staff members.

I write for fun at Daughter’s Heart and have been a guest contributor at The Back Row, Missio Alliance, and with Lindsey Nobles.

Photo credit: Andrew Sale