To enable leaders to maximize their time and resources by attending and reporting on conferences for them


So many great conferences, so little time? I can help!

If there's a conference you know would be helpful for you or your organization, but you just can't squeeze another one into your calendar this year, let me go for you!

I will:

  • Attend all sessions of the conference and your choice of breakout sessions

  • Take notes

  • Prepare a summary of each session with presentation points and quotes

  • For an additional fee, analysis of how particular information gained can be used to further your mission, solve a problem, or move a project along

You'll pay for:

  • Airfare or mileage, if the conference is within a 4-hour drive from San Francisco

  • Hotel if conference is outside of a 50-mile radius of San Francisco

  • Conference registration

  • A per conference-hour fee (sliding scale)

Request a Conference Attendance quote

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